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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Japanese Hairstyle (1)

Pop and brisk

A cute medium hairstyle with reflexed curls around the face. Overall slight perms make an appeal of pop and brisk texture.
It will be best for women who want to add a subtle touch to their everyday medium hairstyles.

Easy to style and lovely

A beloved hairstyle with medium length layered bangs which make the face look smaller. This hairstyle will look nice with any facial form and will be easy to style with benefit of using digital-perm.

Sweet and brisk

The airy top gives an impression of cute, and the constriction at the neck projects an image of feminine. The medium length side-locks cover over the sharp face line softly.

Elegant and vibrant

Shoulder-length layered bob hairstyle. A light perm from the top to the end allows the texture of elegant and vibrant. You can also wear a fringe as well as make a part in your bans.

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