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Friday, February 27, 2009

3 Tablespoons butter
1/4 Cup minced onion
1 Cup white vinegar
1 Cup tomato sauce
1/4 Cup worcestershire sauce
2 Teaspoons sugar
1 Teaspoon salt
½ Teaspoon fresh ground black pepper
1/8 Teaspoon cayenne
Dash tabasco sauce

The center of mid-South barbecue, Memphis offers a range of sauces that take the high middle ground between Eastern and Western styles. Like this version, they are often medium-bodied mixtures, moderate in sweet, heat, and everything else except taste.

In a saucepan, melt the butter over medium heat. Add the onions and saute for 6 to 8 minutes, or until the onions begin to turn golden. Stir in the remaining ingredients, reduce the heat to low, and cook until the mixture thickens, approximately 20 minutes. Stir frequently.

Use the sauce warm. It keeps, refrigerated, for a couple of weeks.

Ayam Madu BBq

Bahan-bahan ( sekeluarga )

  • 12 ketul kepak/peha ayam
  • 4 sudu makan madu
  • 1 sudu makan ketumbar
  • 1 sudu teh jintan manis
  • 1 sudu teh jintan putih
  • 2 inci halia
  • 10 ulas bawang merah
  • 5 ulas bawang putih
  • 3 sudu makan sos cili
  • 3 sudu makan kicap pekat
  • 1 sudu makan sos tiram
  • 1 sudu makan cili boh (klu nk pedas blh tmbh lg)
  • Garam secukup rasa


  1. Kisar kering ketumbar, jintan manis & putih.
  2. Kisar/tumbuk halia, bwg merah & putih.
  3. Gaul semua bahan2 tadi ke dalam ayam. Sesuaikan rasa manis & masinnya.
  4. Perap semalaman @ sekurang2nya 2 jam supaya semua bahan2 td meresap masuk ke dalam isi ayam.
  5. Panggang/bakar seperti biasa.

1. Name one person who make you laugh last night?

2.What were you doing at 0800?
- tido

3.What were you doing 30 minutes ago?
- hmmm tgk tv

4.What happened to you in 2006?
- 2006?? hmmm form 5

5.What was the last thing you said out loud?
- shut up !!!! hahaha

6.How many beverages did you have today?
- none

7.What color is your hairbrush?
- Black

8.Was was the last thing you paid for?
- mr flurry oreo

9.Where were you last night?
- In the room !

10. What color is your front door?
- brown

11.Where do you keep your change?
- everywhere

12.What's the weather like today?
- mendung.. xmo ujan x mo panas.. just nice

13.What's the best ice-cream flavor?
- mc flurry oreo

14.What excites you?
- to be a better person

15.Do you want to cut your hair?
- not now.. just cut it last month

16. Are you over the age of 25?
- No yet.. sweet 19

17.Do you talk a lot?
- yeah.. i am.. always

18.Do you watch the O.C?
- No! pe 2?

19.Do you know anyone named steven?
- Em no.

20.Do you make up your own words?
- Not always. Ahaa

21. Are you a jealous person?
- Obviously! but don show it

22.Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'A'.
-amiera (da vampire)

23.Name a friend whose name starts with the letter 'K'.
- [k] .. fwen from Kc

24. Who's the first person on your received call list?
-my mum

25.What does the last text message you received say?
- good nite dear... wow

26. Do you chew on you straw?
- nop.

27.Do you have curly hair?
- nop.. mine wavy

28. Where's the next place you're going to?
-living room

29.Who's the rudest person in your life?
- the babi n anjing

30.What was the last thing you ate?
-jagung rebus

31.Will you get married in the future?
- of course yes wif my love....

32. What's the best movie you've seen in the past 2 weeks?
- Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula Upin & Ipin

33.Is there anyone you like right now?
- yes.... jeng jeng jeng..

34. When was the last time you did the dishes?

35. Are you currently depressed?
- no

36.Did you cry today?
- no

37. Tag 1,2,3,4 or 5 people who would do this survey.
- apai
-zhaf dodol
- yama
- ichiban

rules :
- pick your birth month .
- strike out anything that doesn't apply you .
- bold (italicize) the best apply to you .
- copy to your own blog , with all twelve months .
- tag 10 people .

JANUARY : stubborn and hard - hearted . ambitious and serious . loves to teach and be taught . always looking at people's flaws and weakness . likes to criticize . hardworking and productive . smart , neat and organized . sensitive and has deep thoughts . knows how to make others happy . quiet unless excited or tensed . rather reserved . highly attentive . resistant to illness but prone to colds . romantic but has difficulties expressing love . love children . loyal . has great social abilities yet easily jealous . very stubborn and many cautious .

FEBRUARY : abstract thoughts . loves reality and abstract . intelligent and cleaver . changing personality . attractive . sexy . temperamental . quiet , shy and humble . honest and loyal . determined to reach goals . loves freedom . rebellious when restricted . loves aggressiveness . too sensitive and easily hurt . gets angry really easily but does not show it . dislikes unnecessary things . loves making friend but rarely shows it . daring and stubborn . ambitious . realizes dreams and hopes . sharp . loves entertainment and leisure . romantic on the inside not outside . superstitious and ludicrous . spendthrift . tries to learn to show emotions .

MARCH : attractive personality . sexy . affectionate . shy and reserved . secretive . naturally honest , generous and sympathetic . loves peace and serenity . sensitive to others . loves to serve others . easily angered . trustworthy . appreciative and returns kindness . observant and assesses others . revengeful . loves to dream and fantasize . loves traveling . loves attention . hasty decisions in choosing partners . loves home decors . musically talented . loves special things . moody .

APRIL : active and dynamic . decisive and hasty but tends to regret . attractive and affectionate to oneself . strong mentality . loves attention . diplomatic . consoling , friendly and solves people's problems . brave and fearless . adventurous . loving and caring . suave and generous . emotional . aggressive . hasty . good memory . moving . motivates oneself and others . sickness usually of the head and chest . sexy in a way that only their lover can see .

MAY : stubborn and hard - hearted . strong - willed and highly motivated . sharp thought . easily angered . attracts others and loves attention . deep feelings . beautiful physically and mentally . firm standpoint . need no motivation . easily consoled . systematic ( left brain ) . loves to dream . strong clairvoyance . understanding . sickness usually in the ear and neck . good imagination . good physical . weak breathing . loves literature and arts . love traveling . dislike being at home . restless . not having many children . hardworking . high spirited . spendthrift .

JUNE : thinks far with vision . easily influenced by kindness . polite and soft - spoken . having ideas . sensitive . active mind . hesitating , tends to delay . choosy and always wants the best . temperamental . funny and humourous . loves to jokes . good debating skills . talkative . daydreamer . friendly . knows how to make friends . able to show character . easily hurt . prone to getting colds . loves to dress up . easily bored . fussy . seldom shows emotions . takes time to recover when hurt . brand conscious . executive . stubborn .

JULY : fun to be with . secretive . difficult to fathom and to be understood . quiet unless excited or tensed . takes pride in oneself . has reputation . easily consoled . honest . concerned about people's feelings . tactful . friendly . approachable . emotional temperamental and unpredictable . moody and easily hurt . witty and sparkly . not revengeful . forgiving but never forgets . dislikes nonsensical and unnecessary things . guides others physically and mentally . sensitive and forms impressions carefully . caring and loving . treats others equally . strong sense of sympathy . wary and sharp . judges people through observation . hardworking . no difficulties in studying . loves to be alone . always broods about the past and the old friends . likes to be quiet . homely person . waits for friends . never looks for friends . not agressive unless provoked . prone to having stomach and dieting problems . loves to be loved . easily hurt but takes long to recover .

AUGUST : loves to joke . attractive . suave and caring . brave and fearless . firm and has leadership qualities . knows how to console others . too generous and egoistic . takes high pride in onself . thirsty for praises . extraordinary spirit . easily angered . angry when provoked . easily jealous . observant . careful and cautious . thinks quickly . independent thoughts . loves to lead and to be led . loves to dream . talented in arts , music and defense . romantic . loving and caring . loves to make friends .

SEPTEMBER : suave and compromising . careful , cautious and organized . likes to point out people's mistakes . likes to criticize . stubborn . quiet but able to talk well . calm and cool . kind and sympathetic . concerned and detailed . loyal but not always honest . does work well . confident . sensitive . good memory . clever and knowledgeable . loves to look for information . must control oneself when criticizing . able to motive oneself . understanding . fun to be around . secretive . love leisure and traveling . hardly shows emotions . tends to bottle up feelings . very choosy , especially in relationships . systematic .

OCTOBER : loves to chat . loves those who loves them . loves to take things on the center . inner and physically beauty . lies but doesn't pretend . gets angry often . treats friends importantly . always making friends . easily hurt but recovers easily . daydreamer . opinionated . does not care of what others think . emotional . decisive . strong clairvoyance . loves to travel , the arts of literature . touchy and easily jealous . concerned . loves outdoors . just and fair . spendthrift . easily influenced . easily loses confidence . loves children .

has a lot of ideas .
(absolutely yes.... idea merapu byk lar.. hehe)
difficult to fathom .
(hmmmm ssh ke???? entah)
thinks forward .
( yup... suka pikir byk sudut)
unique and brilliant .
(dats wut people call me - wekk perasan)
extraordinary ideas .
(or otherword... idea merepek... wakaka)
sharp thinking .
(may be... huhu)
fine and strong clairvoyance .
(x de... jgn merepek )
can become good doctors .
( x blh.. hate chemistery n physics)
dynamic in personality .
(yup2... agreee)
secretive .
(sumtimes... when needed)
inquisitive .
(hmmm ape tuh ekk)
knows how to dig secrets .
( hahaha... betol betol betol)
always thinking .
(yup... thingking bnde merepek2)
less talkative but amiable .
(i am talkative n amiable)
brave and generous .
(ask people... dun ask me)
patient .
stubborn and heart - hearted .
(absolutely correct... hatiku maat keras)
if there is a will , there is a way .
(yup.... think over the box)
determined .
(no komen)
never give up .
(in certain yes... but sumtimes no)
hardly becomes angry unless provoked .
(betul betul betul)
loves to be alone .
( hate to be alone)
thinks differently from others .
(entah..ase mcm sme je.. tp kdg2 lain kot)
sharp - minded .
motivates oneself .
does not appreciate praises .
(wei... hargai la...)
high - spirited .
( yup.. dats me)
well - built and tough .
(entah.. korunk komen ekk)
deep love and emotions .
( yes.. untung sape dapat aku hehe)
romantic .
(ade ke???)
uncertain in relationship .
(yup2... nk cari yg perfect laaa)
homely .
( sorry...wrong house)
hardworking .
(if u knoe me.. u will see it)
high abilities .
( may be)
trustworthy .
( yup)
honest and keeps secrets .
(yes yes yes)
not able to control emotions .
( blh control la)
unpredictable .
(betol.. ni mmg aku.. hehehe)

DECEMBER : loyal and generous . sexy . patriotic . active in games and interactions . impatient and hasty . ambitious . influential in organizations . fun to be with . loves to socialize . loves praises . loves attention . loves to be loved . honest and trustworthy . not pretending . short tempered . changing personality . not egotistic . take high pride in oneself . hates restrictions . loves to joke . good sense of humor . logical .

hmmm.. blh x kalau saya tak mahu tagg org.. sape nk amik.. amik la ekk.. hehehe

Monday, February 23, 2009

Upin & Ipin


Semalam sempat juga baby luangkan masa yang sedikit nie pergi menjengah cerita animasi yang diagung2kan Malaysia iaitu Upin & Ipin... yang versi filem animasi ni bertajuk GENG : PENGERMBARAAN BERMULA UPIN & IPIN. hmmm... kalau korunk semua nk tahu.. citer dia memang diminati lapisan masyarakat tanpa mengira umor.... mana taknye.. dah masuk minggu kedua namun wayang tetap penuh dengan manusia.... smpai ke depan- depan seat dia.... wow.. ini satu kejayaan yang boleh dibanggakan...

hmmm... dlm versi filem ni... kawan2 yang selalu muncul dalam versi drama x ade.... semua nye orang baru.... memang best citer ni... Kalau ade 5 bintang... baby berani bagi 10 bintang.. citer dia tak bosan... kita sendiri dapat rasakan unsur suspens, terkejut, ketawanya.. dan semua elem nampak berjaya... huhuhuhuhu..... kalau yang x tengok lagi.. cepat kejar wayang tuh... huhuhu.. kalau x dapat tengo.. rugiii... percayalah cakap baby nie...

Sinopsis Geng: Pengembaraan Bermula Upin & Ipin

Jejak kaki yang ganjil dan suara-suara yang ngeri cumalah beberapa daripada apa-apa yang menakutkan para penduduk Kampung Durian Runtuh. Terdapat cerita-cerita bahawa ada seekor makhluk ganas yang berkeliaran di hutan pada waktu malam.

Tiada sesiapa yang berani untuk mencari benda tersebut, sehinggalah Badrol dan Lim yang sedang bercuti di kampung ini, bertembung dengan punca misteri itu sendiri. Sekarang terpulanglah kepada kedua-dua lelaki tersebut bersama rakan-rakan baru mereka: Rajoo yang boleh berkomunikasi dengan haiwan, Ros si jelita kammpung, serta adik-beradik kembar Upin dan Ipin yang nakal, melangkah masuk ke dalam perjalanan yang penuh aksi, kembara dan misteri.

Watak dan Perwatakan

Seorang budak yang bersahaja dan gemar bersenang-senang dan bertindak mengikut gerak hati. Badrol sering cuba berlagak macho dan berani. Sewaktu kecil dia berdiam dengan datuknya di kampung sebelum ibu bapanya berpindah bersamanya ke bandaraya. Setelah lama berdiam di kota agak lama, dia makin lupa akan suasana hidup di kampung. Gara-gara suatu pengalaman mengerikan yang tidak diketahui sewaktu dahulu, Badrol merahsiakan rasa takutnya terhadap katak dan kodok.

Budak yang paling pintar dalam geng dan lebih banyak membuat pertimbangan dan perancangan berbanding yang lain. Dia suka bersiap sedia setiap kali pergi bercuti, tetapi oleh sebab sifatnya yang paranoid, dia kerap membawa alatan yang tidak perlu. Ini juga menjadikan Lim sukar dipisahkan daripada beg galasnya.

Rajoo (Kannan a/l Rajan)
Budak kecil yang cergas, periang, mesra dan jujur. Dia suka bersiar-siar dengan lembu peliharaannya Sapy. Dia gemar menyanyi dan menari ikut rentak muzik. Rajoo mengaku dirinya berkebolehan berkomunikasi dengan haiwan, meskipun yang lain-lain amat meraguinya.

Dialah yang dilaungkan sebagai gadis paling jelita di kampung tetapi dia tidak selurus yang disangka. Dia perlu membantu neneknya menjual snek sambil mengawasi adik-adiknya yang sering melibatkan diri mereka dalam masalah. Kedegilan adik-adiknya itu sering memarahkannya. Dia gemar menonton drama Melayu lama serta berlakon seperti salah seorang watak drama sedemikian.

Upin dan Ipin (Nur Fathiah Diaz)
Adik-beradik kembar botak yang suka berkeliaran dengan kaki ayam, sambil mencari keseronokan dan keghairahan di mana sahaja mereka ada. Mereka sering ditengking kakak mereka sendiri, Ros, kerana nakal dan degil. Mereka berdua gemar menonton filem aksi dan ke mana mereka pergi mereka tidak lupa membawa pistol mainan. Upinlah yang lebih tua dan ada sehelai rambut pada kepalanya yang menjadikannya bangga kerana lebih tua berbanding Ipin. Sungguhpun begitu, Upin begitu berpelat menyebut bunyi “s”.

kalau nk tengok video2 episod2 cerita upin dan ipin... try tekan link web site upin & ipin

Friday, February 20, 2009

Ni Pulak Pix baby terbaru... Outing Ngan kawan2 baby mse nie.. sampai 3 negeri lawat iaitu Negeri Sembilan --->> Melaka ---->> Selangor.. wakakakkaa... nie ler antara pix yang sempat Kami Snap.. huhu

  • Kayaking... Mrs. & Mr Siegeheart (bonda & ayahda baby)
  • The Proud Mom... n My Son (pasan jer... anak sdara Mirul)

  • Baby N ain Putri89 ngah ciap2 dlm bilik hotel (sempat posing)

  • baby... ngah kebosanan ape lagi.. pose laaa

  • baby (cekci ker??)
  • baby N cma ( bonda n anakanda)

  • shima ... my bonda a.k.a my bestfwen eva
  • baby...

baby. (belom mandi lagi mse ni... huhu)

  • swimming pool tyme...

  • abg wan
  • baby bengang sbb bola x masok2 ( uitt.. biler aku kne candid nie)

  • abg wan nk tembak bola... baby ngan apai sebok nk interframe
  • abg wan.. ain putri n baby....

  • apai shoot bola snooker... but... baby pon ade ( woii cma... apsal nmpk pic muntot akue?)
  • abg wan & baby

  • ngah intai bakal mangsa.... oitt.. bola ler..


  • pijat
  • bonda n ayahanda (cma & apai)

  • bonda n ayahda ngah detink... wow..

  • echo n miss cute... peace
  • kne candid lagi... uwaaaa..... ampess..... (dak ain punya kje la nie)

  • mirul & baby. ( dia lupa zoom ke sje je nk candid akue nie)
  • ain putri.. versi hip hop..

  • abg wan... kekenyangan
  • mirul @ echo... "merokok baik utk kesihatan" katanya

  • baby (dak paling kecik kat outing tuh.. wakaka)
  • apai... my ayahanda

  • baby a.k.a miss cute
  • ain putri... ( nk mkn pon posing lg. cayalah)

  • wahaha.. tempak lagi mukaku.. tu lar mirul nk larikan muka.. (catch ya.. haha)
  • abg wan n ain .... makan tyme

  • bonda n anakanda main suap2 la...
  • baby kaco org makan je kje.. tau la x mkn.. hak3

  • makan tyme..... jemput makan semua..
nie jer pix yang baby ade dlm koleksi baby.... yang len kne cari tuan punya camera cik ain_putri... klu ade lain2 nnt baby update lg yee..

Pics Hi-Tea

Hmmm... kalie nie baby malas nk celoteh panjang..... baby just nk tunjuk pix baby n kawan2 mse hi-tea... hope u enjoy.. n plz.. comments.

  • ain putri & miss_cute (wif new hair style)
  • pose from miss cute & ain putri

  • the kembar Ain (coz dua2 nama Ain tp lain family)
  • Peace allz

  • wow... miss cute nk kiss spe tuh ( candid nie.... bengang tol)
  • ain putri & dboyz

  • miss cute @lady_bie

  • Dboyz & Miss cute
  • Chackk !!

  • miss cute & dboyz

  • peace... wow... miss cute di buli (sakit taw pipi kne tarik)
  • We Love Kids..

  • Proud parents (insyaAllah)
  • miss cute n ain putri

Pose Pasangan Gosip Sensasi
  • wanchai & ain putri
  • miss cute & dboyz

  • ain putri, dboyz, miss cute

  • miss cute N dboyz
  • miss cute & dr490n (mode

  • dboyz tgh makan
  • ain putri, miss cute, dr490n

all the members yang join
  • damn, trojan_duck, wanchai, miss cute & dr490n

  • mari berPOSEing

  • The Ain's
  • trojan_duck

  • ain putri, miss cute wif wanchai
  • miss cute N ain putri

  • wanchai
  • miss cute & ain putri

  • Yes... kami manja.. Ade orang kesah?
  • Dboyz... makan lagi

  • Pose Of me.... n ade ain putri di situ..

  • miss cute tembam....
  • dboyz n dr490n

  • dboyz & dr490n
  • miss cute sayang kanak2... SMILE :)

  • wow.. putihnye kami.. wakaka
  • the sweet ladies

  • Kitorang je budak pmpn yang join dr chatroom tuh..

  • damn
  • dr490n n wife

  • sesi menjamu selera

  • The Sweet Mom (wanna be)
  • Uwaa.... miss cute kne cubit pipi lagi

  • mari kita bergadohhh.. (pic candid... mencikk)

  • MAKAN Tyme

klu korunk perasan.. dlm pics2 ni byk muka miss cute.... lawa ke dia? cantik sgt ke dia? popular ke dia??? hmmm kalau nk tau jawapan miss cute..

miss cute : aku memang lawa.. cantik.. cute.. popular.. diva dan lain2.. korunk ade kesah ke? ahaksz..