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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fashion Makeover (5)

..:: Shop Smarter ::..

A big part of making over your wardrobe is using all of the new knowledge about fit, flattery and style.

But you'll still need to do some shopping to complete your look.

Makeover shows sometimes give participants thousands of dollars to buy a new wardrobe. But you can accomplish fantastic things on a real budget.

Let's say you have $100 to spend and want to look great for Saturday dinner with friends.

Where do you start shopping?

In your closet!

On a limited budget (and everyone has some type of budget limits) you need to incorporate as much of your existing wardrobe as you can.

Shop smart by finding part of the "new" outfit in your closet.

Start by looking for bottoms that you already own: a skirt, pants or crops that could work. If you have some bottoms in black, white or khaki, all the better. If you can find at least part of the $100 outfit at home, you can put your money to maximum use in the stores.

If you don't have separates to use, then try to use shoes, belts or accessories that you already own. At all costs, avoid buying everything new, head-to-toe.

Use your shopping budget to buy a really great piece -- like a hot new top or incredibly sexy sandals.

The idea here is to learn how to bring in things that you already own into a new look. You'll not only save money, but you'll learn quickly what basics you need to own.

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