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Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Fashion Makeover (4)

..:: Find Your peronal Style ::..

Fashion designer Donatella Versace has her long blonde hair and deep tan; Vogue Editor Anna Wintour has her dark glasses and bob with bangs.

Your personal style doesn't need to be so extreme as these two style icons, but you can still make a statement.

Some of the simplest style statements boil down to dressing with a theme: an interesting woman who wears only vintage clothing, a young girl who only wears jeans customized with patches or a grandmother who always wears a pretty brooch.

Start by asking yourself whose look you admire. Then pick the look apart to the elements that compose the look.

You may be surprised to find that sometimes it's as simple as a woman who always carries an incredible vintage handbag or a woman whose entire wardrobe is based around gorgeous colors that totally complement her coloring.

Personal style is as much about showing off your personality as it is about working up a look that fits your lifestyle. What plays in SoHo may not make it at a PTA meeting.

Start small when experimenting with finding your style vibe: even something as simple as developing a "uniform" can work.

A "uniform" to the clued-in fashion follower is an outfit composed of interchangeable elements.

For example, your uniform might be made up of a v-neck T-shirt, knee-length A-line skirt and ballerina flats.

You may change colors or prints within the pieces for variety, and you'll definitely accessorize each outfit differently, but this is a uniform you've developed that a) looks great and b) totally expresses who you are (at least for right now).

Using a uniform may sound like a style crutch until you realize that dressing in a consistent style is sometimes what sets you apart!

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