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Friday, August 20, 2010

。◕‿◕。 Dior in my assignment 。◕‿◕。

hurm... budak klas baby diberikan tugas....
untuk relatekan topik yang kitorang dapat dengan experience..
topic baby... ialah... METHOD OF PERSUASION
adoiyaiii.... mcm ne ye..
susah gak tajuk ni..
hurmmm.. belasah laaa..

baby ngaku.. baby memang ske buat kje last minit..
mana taknya...
banyak tanggungjawab lain...
so.. baby pon rancang la something yang membawa kebaikan kepada semua.
so..... baby rancang buat pepagi buta..
sebab... sir Rusydi ada kata.
waktu terbaik untuk study selepas tido..
kebetulan x de idea...
soo... baby pon tido la..

esoknya bangun agak pagi..
maklum laaaa...
keje x siap lagi.
so.. buat la.
karang punya karang... stuck...
so... pe lagi.. kaco roomate la..
n dia bagi idea....
tetiba baby terbayang yang ni..
dan pe lagi.. karang laaaaaa..

Dior is one of the rising new artists with his own efforts and not came from the reality program such as Akedemi Fantasia, Mentor or even Malaysian Idol. He came out to the industry with the unique personality in his song which he write and compose by himself. He is not that famous like those who are from the reality program. Because of the popularity, there come a bit difficulties for us to organize big events which we afraid no one will comes so, we go through step by step in organizing events.

First gathering is on 29 September 2009 at Vivo Pizza, The curve, Mutiara Damansara. For this first gathering, only 6 of his fans came up including me. Other than us, there are also a few of his friends who come to celebrating his birthday with us. The six persons and Dior came up with a fan club name, Dioratic. Dioratic will be Dior’s back bone in his career.

Since Dior is new to the industry and not well known to the public about his existing, it makes a bit challenging when there are events that involve him. People do not know his credibility in his talent. Dior bet fusion genre of Java and dangdut that is not so famous in Malaysia’s music industry.

Other than gathering, Dior also involve in Karyawan activities which Dior is involve as the member of Karyawan Muda. It could help in introducing Dior to the public by presenting his song to the performance. Other than that, we used the advance method which includes technology such as promotion through facebook, myspace, blog and youtube. Besides that, Dior also receives the invitation of friendly tournament from the other fan club.

On 26 June 2010, Dior and Dioratic organized a mini showcase in Station One Café at Jaya One, Petaling Jaya. It is actually a request from Dior’s fans from the feedback that we get from the past event. Before this, we only focused on the meet with fans to get them close with Dior and the admin of Dioratic which more focusing about introducing Dior to his fans.

This mini showcase is only plan for 2 weeks before the real date of it. As one of the admins of Dioratic, I’m in-charge for the event. We actually work so hard for it to make the plan come true for the fans. The showcase is for gathering with fans and at the same time watch the performance from Dior and his new artist. Other than that, it is also a promotion for Dior to the public and his product also promoting Dioratic.

For now, the feedback get from the fans and media is encouraging. Showcase organized by Dioratic also receive praise from the media and fellow artist. For them, it is an achievement that is not easy to organize a fairly large event for a person who is relatively new in the industry but Dioratic made it.

baby dh pon hantar.....
ngeee.. tunggu response je..

p/s: abg Dior... credit for u.. heee

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。◕‿◕。 BabyNurul Ain 。◕‿◕。

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