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Saturday, March 20, 2010


I believe every human on earth do have something that they miss to do. Really want to do that thing but don’t have much time to do that. Or sometimes problems here and there such as got a lot of work to do that program, or lack of facilities to do it. But, in mind keep thinking to do it.

As for me, I miss to keep online and chatting with my friend. I think I did announce in ice breaking entry that I am addicted to online. I am active in social networking such as Facebook, Blogger and Messenger. When I can not online, I feel so weird. Factor of I can not online is lack of time which I have a lot of things that more important to settle up than online. Other than that, I do not have broadband and I forgot to bring my Wireless adapter which I am not able to connect to the internet.

Next, I miss to drive. Before this, my dad allowed me to drive one of car available at home who before this my daddy uses that car for work. Since last time I frequently use that car for my assignment which need I go out to the site to get the information. In Uitm, the newbie does not allowed to bring any kind of vehicle to the campus. I am keep waiting for next semester which I can bring my car to the campus.

Other than that, I miss to keep posing in front of cameras. Last time, when I do have my free time I will assign to be a model for few groups of photographer. From Ice breaking entry, I did mention about I am a cameras freak. Stay near to Kuala Lumpur which a bonus to me because the photography’s outing done in Kuala Lumpur area.

Next, I miss to go out with friends and karaoke. I love to sing. It is kind of boring when I need to sing alone. Sometimes when I feel bored and have friends to go out with, the main idea is to go karaoke. Usually we went out on weekend and I will choose friend who love to sings and sporting to karaoke together. Malay song is my intention to sing and the famous selection of artist that I choose to sing their songs are Misha Omar, Siti Nurhaliza and Siti Sarah.

Barbecue and Steamboat are one of my favorite activities to do for any of event that I plan or I plan to go. I love to eat. If I was invited for barbecue or steamboat event, I will hardly to decline the event. Besides gather with people, get know with new friend or friend’s partner, we can enjoy the dish provided.

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